vendredi 3 février 2017

Perezhivanie and the study of role-playing games [peer-reviewed article]

Schmit, W. L. (2016). Perezhivanie and the study of role-playing games. Culture & Psychology, 0(0), 1–17.
Theoretical article about the concept of perezhivanie. It’s a Russian word used as:
  • a live unforgettable and emotional experience which contributes to the development of a person’s personality.
  • a concept by Vygotsky : a framework to understand how personality is linked to some social environment dynamics. Unfortunately, I think the concept is blur, has multiple definitions, was poorly explained by Vygotsky himself but seemed to be very commented since (making it even more complex). [its my opinion]
The article applies the concept of perezhivanie to RPG and links it to the concepts of immersion (more immersion brings more feelings) and bleed (emotional transfer between character and player).

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