vendredi 18 novembre 2016

The Incorporeal Project: Teaching through Tabletop RPGs in Brazil

Klimick, Carlos, Eliane Bettocchi, and Rian Rezende. “The Incorporeal Project: Teaching through Tabletop RPGs in Brazil.” Analog Game Studies, November 13, 2016. .

Some good ideas from 2 RPG-based learning activities :
  • For large group: make a pair of one player and one "conscience" (advising and taking notes) for one character. Switch role next session. A table of 5 characters actually includes 10 persons. Cooperation.
  • Registering the game/story in a notebook. 
  • Reuse/rework/remix of artistic material (visual anthropophagi and narrative pillage)
  • At the table and outside the table (before and after game)
Notes :
  • Active Education RPG scene in Brazil.
  • Game master as facilitator (constructivism style).
  • Group 1 : 12 bachelor degree students, developing creativity, ethics and management for the production of illustrations.
  • Group 2 : 36 ten year old students, developing focus and teamwork with History and Geography topics.
  • Pedagogy of authorship: collective content creation.
  • Success but still considered as a "special event" in the curriculum, not really integrated.

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