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Educational Live Action Role-playing Games [chapter, article, presentation]

Bowman, Sarah Lynne. « Educational Live Action Role-playing Games: A Secondary Literature Review ». In The Wyrd Con Companion Book 2014, edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman, 112‑31. Los Angeles, CA: Wyrd Con, 2014.
Bowman, Sarah Lynne, and Anne Standiford. « Educational Larp in the Middle School Classroom: A Mixed Method Case Study ». International Journal of  Role-Playing 5, nᵒ 1 (2015).
Bowman, Sarah Lynne. « Edu-Larp: A Literature Review ». Nordic larp conference Knutepunkt, Solmukohta. Helsinki, 2016.

These chapter (2014), article (2015) and presentation (2016) explore the literature on the educational potential of live-action role-playing games (edu-larp). The chapter (2014) is an outstanding synthesis of more than 80 resources arguing about how the mechanics of simulation/ game/ drama/ role-play are bringing cognitive/ affective/ behavioral benefits to education/ theatre/ psychodrama/ military/ health care.

Edu-larp is not a “cure-all” for the problems of the educational system but it can bring some interesting outcomes. There is a lot of studies featuring anecdotal stories or purely theoretical principles. However, even if more research are needed, a study (2015) made by the author shows that edu-larp is good for :
  • perceived competence/self-efficacy,
  • intrinsic motivation, behavioral, emotional and cognitive engagement,
  • leadership and teamwork
  • interest/enjoyment of science
More publications of the author here.
Most of the resources cited (for Zotero) : TRPG-JDR > Learning > Bowman2014

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