mardi 12 juillet 2016

The Transformative Potential of Role-Playing Games: From Play Skills to Human Skills [Peer-reviewed article]

Daniau, S. (2016). The Transformative Potential of Role-Playing Games: From Play Skills to Human Skills. Simulation & Gaming, 47(4), 423‑444.

Role-playing game is framed in a wide historical context of education and person-centered development. Applications of the RPGs and benefits for players and groups are listed.
TF-RPG is for "trans-formative role-playing game". It focuses on play experience and it is different from educational role-playing games (which focus on educational goals).
Each game session of this study ends with a long structured debriefing driven by the gamemaster (it lasts at least one third of game). This important phase allows the players to deepen and to comment their game experience. This phase can lead to a self-transformation.

To link with the concept of «Edu-RPG» (Bowman, 2014) [forthcoming post]
A part of this article was discussed in a chapter, see (Daniau, 2015).

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