mercredi 21 novembre 2018

TRPG Elements to Engage Students in Information Literacy Workshops

I had the chance to participate to a librarian conference in Québec (colloque BES-CPI). I presented 6 gamified activities (3 with TRPG elements) to improve the engagement of the university students in the information literacy workshops.

Download the presentation presented in English at McGill U. one week later : (the original in French
(CC-BY Pascal Martinolli UdeM)

My librarian flavors : Hospitality + Science + Game
(/RPG + Simulation + Science populatization)
Photo: Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf, CC BY:SA
150+ participants came from all Québec province, mostly from higher education (universities, cégeps, engineer & business schools). Exective staff, librarians & technicians. A great opportunity to show how interesting TRPG can be used to design active learning activities (I was cited in the next 3 presentations, so I think I made an impact). The 3 roleplayified activities were :
  • A scholarly character sheet ;
  • Publish & Perish ;
  • Self-driven side-quests.
I will develop these activities in future posts. Thanks to my fellow coworkers at the BLSH for your help and support. Thanks to the participants of the Donjons & Donnees probantes study day where I playtested a part of this presentation.

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