vendredi 1 juin 2018

Side-Quests & Character Sheets: Four Handouts to gamify the ACRL's Framework Threshold Concepts [WILU 2018 Lightning talk]

My character sheet

I will be presenting a lighning talk at the WILU Conference 2018, in Ottawa next week. 3 of my 4 handouts are based on role-playing game designs.
  • The « scholarly character sheet » is for my graduate students in information literacy courses. It is used to assess the previous skills and knowledge of the students, show them the program of the activities to come and then, at the end of the workshops, as a wrap-up and measurement of progress. It is available in open access (CC-BY), with the teacher presentation and the whole WILU presentation.
  • The other two are self-driven « side-quests » with minimum mentoring. One is about begining to contribute to Wikipédia, the other is about starting your own blog on your research topic [mise en abîme: I actually started this blog to test this learning activity]. They are also available in open access (CC-BY)
I will give more details soon, as I will present them again in Montreal during the Colloque des bibliothèques de l’enseignement supérieur (November 13th, 2018).

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