vendredi 24 février 2017

Text mining with Calc & Excel: 1001 PCs in the Tomb of Horrors

Some simple LibreOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel calculations for metrics and text mining. Applied to 1001 PCs adventuring in the infamous Tomb of Horrors.
  • if a value in a row match a set of values stored in another row then write something
  • how many values of a specific variable 
  • how many combinations of values of multiple variables 
Download the examples for Calc or for Excel.

Disclaimer: Misuses of Excel in academic is common. Excel is easy to use but it cannot replace real statistical tools for big projects. 

Illustration: from the Tomb of Horrors module, 2nd ed., painted by Erol Otus, 1981.
« Please, don't let your data slip in the green devil mouth nor in the misty arch. »

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