vendredi 21 octobre 2016

"Jeux de rôle" article in scholarly encyclopedia on Barbarians

Cuvelier, Pierre. (2016). Jeux de rôle. Bruno Dumézil (Ed.), Les barbares (p. 813‑814). Paris: Presses Universitaires de France.
RPG and fantasy are inviting themselves in a 1500 pages scholarly encyclopedia on the Barbarians.

Values of barbarians are explored: truth, energy, simplicity, paganism, freedom, honor, fighting spirit and courage; and also : at the margin and doomed with failure.

He is opposing or visiting temporarily the lying, decadent and soft urban civilisation. There, he can be a figure of transition, acculturation, integration or regeneration. Sometimes he is a line of defense against a civilised elite corrupted and seduced by magical technology. Other times, defining a person a barbarian justify its destruction or its opposition, unless a common ennemy turn him into an ally of opportunity.

Beowulf: 4 pages, Alban Gauthier.
Conan le barbare: 5 p., William Blanc
Games of Thrones: 2 p., William Blanc
Gladiator: 2 p., William Blanc
Heroic Fantasy: 4 p., Frédéric Ferro
Jeux de rôle: 2 p., Pierre Cuvelier
Prince Valiant: 3 p., William Blanc
Star Trek: 2 p., William Blanc
Tolkien: 3 p., Bruno Dumézil
Le 13e Guerrier: 2 p., Pierre Cuvelier
300: 2 p., Pierre Cuvelier
World of Warcraft: 2 p., William Blanc

(almost 500 articles in total in the encyclopedia)

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