mardi 2 février 2016

Zotero References

Following that link, you will find a Zotero Group Library of about 600 references on tabletop roleplaying games. References are in english and in french.

Main reference types:
  1. Journal articles, 
  2. Conferences papers, 
  3. Books,
  4. Ph.D, M.Sc. & M.A. thesis.
Secondary reference types: Blog notes, web pages, Encyclopedia entries, Magazine and newspaper articles, TV shows, podcasts, panels,...

Main topics :
  1. Design of TRPG (non-exhaustive)
  2. History of TRPG, genealogy, moral panic (wannabe exhaustive)
  3. Improvisation, performance, theater (non-exhaustive)
  4. Interactive Storytelling (non-exhaustive)
  5. Live action roleplaying (wannabe exhaustive)
  6. RPG and Learning (non-exhaustive)
  7. Literature & arts (non-exhaustive)
  8. Psychology, therapy, identity, personality, gender (wannabe exhaustive)
  9. Sociology, anthropology, culture (wannabe exhaustive)

(1)  Zotero is a free and open-source software with 2 majors functions : a) automatically create citations and bibliographies ; b) manage your personal library of bibliographic references (with notes, full text attachments, etc…).

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