lundi 29 février 2016

Zotero History

  • End 2014: creating a 300 items database with EndNote, but i didn't liked the software.
  • March 2015: export the references to Zotero.
  • From April to December 2015: a lot of research on databases, catalogs, creating alerts. +40 items per month avg. 
  • December 2015: Zotero database went online, shared to some french roleplaying games academics and non-academics.
  • January 2016 and after: the new items are coming from alerts mostly, then from bibliographies, then from new databases (one explored per month avg.).
  • February 2016: 832 items.
  • February-March 2016 : this blog and his french translation are published online.

vendredi 5 février 2016

mardi 2 février 2016

Zotero References

Following that link, you will find a Zotero Group Library of about 600 references on tabletop roleplaying games. References are in english and in french.

Main reference types:
  1. Journal articles, 
  2. Conferences papers, 
  3. Books,
  4. Ph.D, M.Sc. & M.A. thesis.
Secondary reference types: Blog notes, web pages, Encyclopedia entries, Magazine and newspaper articles, TV shows, podcasts, panels,...

Main topics :
  1. Design of TRPG (non-exhaustive)
  2. History of TRPG, genealogy, moral panic (wannabe exhaustive)
  3. Improvisation, performance, theater (non-exhaustive)
  4. Interactive Storytelling (non-exhaustive)
  5. Live action roleplaying (wannabe exhaustive)
  6. RPG and Learning (non-exhaustive)
  7. Literature & arts (non-exhaustive)
  8. Psychology, therapy, identity, personality, gender (wannabe exhaustive)
  9. Sociology, anthropology, culture (wannabe exhaustive)

(1)  Zotero is a free and open-source software with 2 majors functions : a) automatically create citations and bibliographies ; b) manage your personal library of bibliographic references (with notes, full text attachments, etc…).


The goal of this blog is to share bibliographic references, notes, articles and ideas on tabletop roleplaying games.